nat geo photos

National Geographic 811

I like this cover art of this Nat Geo album because of the airborne canoe it shows how fast they were going.

National Geographic 829

I like this one because of the fleet of the US navy boats surrounding the aircraft carrier protecting it.

National Geographic 815

I like this specific one because it commemorates the president John Fitzgerald Kennedy after his assassination in 1963.

influencial photos

Tank Man, Jeff Widener, 1989

#1 Tank man by jeff widener 1989

a man resists them by blocking their paths and constantly stopping the tanks they eventually “whisked” him away and the picture became famous because nobody knows who he is.

The Hindenburg Disaster, Sam Shere, 1937

#2 Hindenburg disaster Sam shere 1937

the photo captures the disaster of the Hindenburg blimp catching fire and blowing up killing many people.

The Loch Ness Monster, 1934

#3 Loch ness monster 1934 artist unknown

they captured this photo of something sticking out of the lake and people suspect it to be a monster of some kind or maybe an animal to this day its unsolved and still a mystery.

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper, 1932

#4 lunch on a skyscraper 1932

the picture shows 11 workers on top of a beam sitting miles above New York eating lunch.

A Man On The Moon, Neil Armstrong, Nasa, 1969

#5 a man on the moon Neil Armstrong NASA 1969

the photo captured by Neil Armstrong shows another astronaut on the moon with him standing.

travel poster

I would like to stay in California for as long as possible because i am used to the weather conditions and enjoy living here i have lived here my whole life and enjoy it a lot.

digital collage- all about me

The reason I put the cars in there is my fascination with how racing works they push the absolute boundaries on the cars and drivers to go as physically fast as possible it amazes me how sheer determination can put out such amazing results I also like the offroad capability of the Porsche 959 Paris Dakar and the design of the Lamborghini Countach I put forza horizon 5 because I play it a lot I collect the cars and get more I tune them and give them new liveries I also put the old phones because I own them as a memorabilia of the past (I didn’t live in) but I respect.

I put the Gameboy and Nokia together due to how old they are I collect retro consoles along with the games. I also own a Sega game gear and I have a huge collection of Hot Wheels diecast cars.